Selling for Real Estate Agencies
has never been so simple

Who we are

Casavo is an institutional buyer and trader of residential properties, and part of a large group of technology and real estate companies with more than €1B of assets.

What we do

Casavo helps Real Estate Agents to earn money, with more security and get more deals done much faster.

Our goal

To be the preferred partner for the best real etate agents in Milan through a well established and already proven business model in Anglo-american markets.

What's in for you

  • Collaborate with us on an ongoing basis, its not just a spot transaction
  • Get your commissions guaranteed and faster (we buy the property in 30 days)
  • Earn more commissions (+1% from Casavo)
  • Easier to resell the property due to investment from Casavo (renovation and marketing)
  • Be able to make more deals in less time (target of 250 properties by 2018)
  • Earn a bonus based on your increasing numbers of closed deals
  • Earn the best reputation by avoiding fall-throughs and reducing selling time

Casavo way vs. traditonal way

Brokerage fees


From the traditional real estate brokerage
Brokerage feeWhen
3% from Seller When you manage to sell the property (average time in Milan is 3-4 months)
3% from Buyer
Uncertain whether an when you are going to sell the property and at which price
Often no exclusivity conditions with tough competition from other real estate agents
Need also to invest on marketing with limited time and resources
To the partnership with Casavo
Brokerage feeWhen
3% from SellerIn 30 days, we buy the property straight away
1% from CasavoWhen Casavo resells the property
3% from BuyerWhen Casavo resells the property
We buy the property in 30 days and price is aligned to fair market evaluations
We give you exclusivity conditions – you find the ultimate buyer for the house
We invest in renovation and also in marketing to sell again the property

How the partnership works in 10 simple steps


You send us a property you have for sale via email ([email protected]) under the conditions it complies with our target characteristics


We will get back to you in 24 hours to tell you whether we are interested in the property or not


We make out evaluation of the property through our proprietary pricing tools


In case of a positive outcome, we close the contract with the seller and you receive a fee from the seller (based on your independent brokerage agreement with him/her)


If the seller accepts the indicative offer, within 5 dayse we make in-depth property inspections with the support of our own consultants/market experts and we sign the partnership agreement


In case of a positive outcome, we will send you a non-binding Letter of Intent with our offer


We lightly renovate the property (e.g. kitchen, painting) and invest our budget for marketing (e.g. pics)


You receive the marketing material from us in order to start promoting the property and you find the ultimate buyer under exclusivity conditions


As you work to find a buyer, you're going to send us a fortnightly report about the property visits you've already organised


As we close the contract with the ultimate buyer, you receive a fee from the buyer and the additional fee from CASAVO

Which properties are we looking for

Specific properties' characteristics

The property for sale shall have the following characteristics

  • Located within our target areas of Milan (see map below)
  • Indicative average total price: €150.000 – €350.000
  • Not located in unsecure areas / buildings
  • No newly built properties
  • Indicative average price per sqm: €2.000 – €3.500
  • Max 10 min walking distance from underground / public transportation
  • Higher-than-average expected selling time (>3 months)
  • No ground floor
  • With elevator

Sellers' characteristics

People wo need to sell their apartments with urgency / need to be sure they get the fair market price before a certain date, for example for the following reasons:

  • They need to sell the house they currently live in order to move into a new house
  • They want to sell the house soon and receive cash from their investment
  • The bank would not approve a double mortgage (need to sell the current property before buying a new one)
  • They inherited the house in common with relatives but want to sell it quickly
  • They would like to money in order to pay other big investments in their lives

Map of target areas in Milan

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