Data Science meets
the Real Estate business
A new era of trading

Data Science meets
the Real Estate business
A new era of trading

We're simplifying the Real Estate market

We are young, passionate and expert about technology. Our team is international but our heart beats in Milan. We are supported by investors and experts with decades of experience in Real Estate to achieve our goal of making Real Estate market simple, fast, and safe.

Fast, Reliable & Secure

Our highly secure, technology driven processes and real estate valuations radically shorten transaction times.

We are on your side

Our interests are aligned, no matter if you buy or sell a home with us. We make money, when you make money.

The Best Offer

Through the the fastest valuation on the market at a fair price, we provide the best offer possible.

Meet the founders and executives

Giorgio Tinacci /

Co-founder & Managing Director

Simon Specka /


Giada Caprotti /

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Fausto Maglia /

Head of Marketing

Francesco Fama /


Noemi Pirazzoli /


Daniele Ricci Curbastro /


Federico Rescio /


Victor Ranieri /


Giulia Pietta /


Francesco Paglione /

Head of Human Resources

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Advisors and Investors

CASAVO is backed and supported by some of the most prominent Italian- & international investors and amazing advisors

Picus Capital - Founding Investor

360 Capital Partners - Lead Investor

Kervis Asset Management

Marco Pescarmona - Advisor & Investor